About Us

Luv a Cookie is a small family owned cookie company that started in 2002.

We produce our wonderful cookies from a fantastic commercial kitchen in Molendinar on the beautiful sunny (most of the time) Gold Coast  in Queensland..

Luv a Cookie is Australian owned and operated by a husband and wife team with a combined knowledge of the baking and pastry industry of around 50 years .We have a great team of staff members who are as passionate about the bakery industry as we are. Passion makes up 50% of success. Hard work helps as well….

We are not a huge company but we love what we do and we put a lot of LUV into every cookie whether it be in the mixing of the doughs, the baking or the packing.
A favourite time in the kitchen is when we HAVE to sample all the new varieties that we are constantly whipping up.

Over the years at Luv a Cookie we have supplied a whole variety of different outlets from schools, fetes, fund raising events, corporate functions, weddings, markets, cafes, corner stores, supermarkets, gift baskets, the need to have great cookies in our lives is endless.

Our aim at Luv a Cookie is to provide a great customer service for your event or business and to provide great tasting hand made quality cookies for all the cookie lovers of the world to enjoy.

Shelf Lifetest
Freshness is the key to 'taste' happiness. At Luv a Cookie we make the cookies to your order which will guarantee you a 'fresh' quality product every time. They are then delivered to your doorstep for you to enjoy.

The shelf life of a luvacookie product  is approximately 3 to 4 months if left unopened in the original packaging.

The cookies can be frozen or refrigerated but they also can be warmed up again in the oven at 180degrees to return the cookie to a crisp state if desired.

Once opened be sure to store in an airtight container out of direct sunlight in cool conditions(between 18-24 degrees)
To avoid staling Luv a Cookies are best eaten straight away dunked in your favourite hot beverage.

At Luv a Cookie we have a very comprehensive and delightful range of cookies that suits all tastebuds from the little Kiddies to Nan and Pops.

We use the freshest ingredients available that taste great and all of our cookies are hand finished and hand packed.

Some of the ingredients we use consist of Cadbury dark, milk and white chocolate, real eggs sourced locally, Australian macadamia nuts, ginger chunks from Buderim and Australian golden syrup-but beware the end result means -VERY MOORISH COOKIES.....

Additives and Preservatives
A Luv a Cookie we use no added preservatives or salt in any of our recipes.

Some of the cookie varieties have added flavours and colourings- please phone or email if this concerns you when making choices for purchasing products.

We do not make a Gluten free range of cookies at this time and all of the recipes use wheat flour.

Nuts are used in various recipes so even though the utmost care is used to prevent cross contamination with other ingredients there may be trace elements of nuts and other tree nuts present in the cookies.

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